Intro Maker Mod APK v4.5.5 (No Watermark + VIP Unlocked) Download Free

Intro Maker Mod APK

Intro Maker is the #1 Trending App For Intro Creation For Android. Download Intro Maker Mod APK No watermark 2021 !!

  • Intro Maker VIP Unlocked
  • No Watermark
  • No ads
  • Unlimited copyright free music and intros
  • 1080p high-quality intros
  • All premium features unlocked

Intro Maker Mod APK: This is the best app to create your own intro/outro with 3D effects. Intro Maker app has 5000+ HD pre-designed templates, 140+ stickers, 200+ musics, and sound effects, 120+ fonts that you can use without any issue of copyright infringement or such kinda stuff. Download intro maker mod apk without watermark for android that has fully unlocked all the premium/paid inro and outro templates for free.

What is Intro Maker Mod APK

So guys, if you looking to download intro maker mod apk to get the full version of the intro maker app and want to unlock all the intro and outro templates then you are at the very right place right now! Here, we have shared the downloading link of intro maker mod apk full version that has all the premium templates.

Intro Maker app provides 3D intro and outro temples because you know that 3D video creation is not possible for everyone because it required a very high processing power to render a 3D animated effect and so many people don't have such a powerful machine to render a 3D clip even so many poor people a computer so for that kinda people, intro maker is the best option to create their own 3D animated intro and even outro.

If you are a YouTuber or a social media influencer then you must have to try this app out because this app helps you to create an amazing intro/outro and intro or outros improves the experience of the viewer and also increase the watch time of the video so that also help you to grow online faster.

Intro Maker MOD APK

Features - Intro Maker Mod APK

There are tonnes of exciting features comes with this 3D intro maker application:

VIP Unlocked

As you know that intro maker has a free service along with a paid service. The free service is very limited, and it doesn’t provide any good templates in the free version so if you go for the paid version, so that called the VIP version. Intro Maker VIP version has 5000+ HD templates by which you can make a professional level of intros and outros. Intro Maker VIP is a combo pack of this app it means you will get unlocked everything in this app. You can download intro maker mod apk VIP unlocked from this site [] for free.

No Watermark

Watermark is the biggest problem with the free version of intro maker app because if you make any intro with the free version then I branding of the intro maker app will show on the bottom of the intro video and that is really bad and it doesn’t look professional so if you want to remove that branding then you must have to download our intro maker mod apk because it has no watermark so you can make any intro/outro video without any issue of watermark and it will also look really professional.

Unlimited Intros

The intro maker app that you have installed from the google play store contains only near about 200 intros. it means that you have very limited choice to create your dream intro. In most cases, all these intros will not fit in your niche but the intro maker mod app has 5000+ premium high-quality intros/outros templates that you choose to make your dream intro. Download the apk file and get unlocked the VIP version of the intro maker app to make in use all those 5000+ templates.

Copyright Free

If you work on youtube then copyright may a big issue for you because if you copy an intro from any youtube video and modify it then it can be a reason for copyright strike on your channel or even if you copy any music for intro then it can also be a victim of copyright strikes on the youtube channel. But if you want to get rid of all these issues of copyright infringement then use the intro maker app because it has so many intros and music and the best part is all the intro and music are copyright free so you don't need to worry about copyright strikes.

FHD+ Intros/Ouros

The free version of intro maker app has only 480p quality of intros it means that you can’t get high-quality intros video with the free version and if the intro of the video is not of good quality then people shall don't like your content that is why intro must be interesting to watch and the quality should to be top-notch so that viewers can enjoy the whole content. But if you want high quality intros then you have to download intro maker VIP unlocked version because it has 1080p+ quality of intro so in terms of quality, it is very good.

No Ads

As you know that making an intro is a creative works o that you need to be focused and have to be concentrated to create a best and quality intro. BUt if you see lots of advertisements while you creating a intro then it might disturb you and it also decreases the creativity. But if you want to remove ads from intro maker then you can download the modded version of this app from our site and install it so that you will never see any ads in the app.

Editing Tools

Although intro maker app has so many pre-designed templates that you can mak in use and modify it a bit to give it a unique touch. You can add text, stickers, titles, intro background music, logo on the intro. You can also see the live preview of your editing. You can also customize the duration of music, text, logos, etc. You can also increase and decrease the volume of music and also make it fade in/fade out. You can customize the text size, font style, color, strokes, text background and so many stuff that you can do with intro maker app.

Pre-Designed Template

Intro Maker app is famous for its quantity and quality of temples. It is 1080p high-quality intros and outros temples and the most important thing is intro maker contains more than 5000 templates for every category or niche so it means. If you are working on any kinda category you will find the best intro temples of your related category.

Mod Features - Intro Maker

Let’s get to know with some amazing highlighted features of intro maker mod apk because the modded version of this app has tonnes of features with all the templates unlocked for free without watermark so, read all the features first:

  • 5000+ FHD intros and outros video !!
  • Create a 3D animated intro on your phone.
  • 200+ Background Music.
  • 1080p high quality intro.
  • Make a unique copyright free intro.
  • 140+ stickers and 120+ fonts.
  • No watermark and logos.
  • No advertisement.
  • Intro Maker VIP Unlocked.
  • Categories intros/outros video to easily find an intro that fits on your niche.

Download Intro Maker Mod APK VIP Unlocked

Intro Maker Mod APK
APK Name Intro Maker Mod APK
Size 37 MB
Category Video Players & Editors
Version 4.5.5
Android Required 5.0 or Higher
Installs 10,000,000+
Rating 4.4
Developed By ryzenrise
Last Updated (Today)
Mod Type Intro Maker Mod + VIP APK - [No Watermark]


    Intro Maker v4.5.5

  • Add Game, Wolf, Arrow, Vlog,Outro templates
  • Support importing your videos, and you can choose Theme templates to decorate your videos
  • Performance improvement

    Intro Maker v3.7.1

  • Support Template Color Changing. Turn the template to the color you like!
  • Add YouTube、Valentine's Day、Particle、Business Intros and outro
  • Performance improvement

    Intro Maker v3.5.2

  • Added Valentine's Day, games, birthday Intros
  • Optimized editing experience
  • Intro Maker v3.4.3

  • Add New Year Intro and Outro
  • Add Slideshow Intro and Self Introduce Intro
  • Add template opinion collection, let us know what template you want
  • Add template search function, directly enter the template you want
  • Fixed bugs, optimized editing experience

How To Install Intro Maker Mod APK:

installation process is very simple! Just pursue our following instructions to install Intro Maker Mod Apk for free on your android decive. Please read our installation instructions carefully so that you don'y make any mistake.

Follow these few steps to install Intro Maker Mod APK:

  • First of all, scroll download to find the download button on this post and click on it.
  • You will see that a new page opens [Downloading page]
  • Now, choose the version of the Intro Maker Mod app that you want to download considering your supported android version.
  • Once the downloading completed then install the app.
  • Now open it and create aesthetic intros/outros to adorn your content!


Stickers are a very significant tools in this app and it gives you thousands of stickers and some of them are 3D stickers or moving stickers so some stickers are like 3D animations. In intro maker mod apk, you can also make custom stickers and use it in your intro to make it more unique.

How to Make Custom Stickers with Intro Maker Mod APK:

The custom stickers is a premium features of this app so you need to download intro maker mod apk to make your own sticker:

  • Basically, there are two section in sticker options first one is Dynamic and the second is Picture so you have to click on Picture.
  • Now click on the Plus (+) icon to choose the image that you want to convert into sticker.
  • When you select the image then click on OK icon to make forward.
  • Now, edit you sticker as you want with all the tools and option provided and the render the sticker to use it in the intro video.

Intro Maker For PC

Intro Maker For PC

If you are a pc user but you don't have any idea about 3D animations and graphics designing but you want to make a 3D high-quality intro video then you can download this intro maker app on your pc because it has 5000+ pre-designed intro templates that you can make in use. if you are wondering that intro maker is not available for pc then how can I use to on pc then I have a solution and with the help of it you can use the intro maker app on your pc, so click on the link given below to get the full information about installation processes.

Intro Maker For PC

User Reviews

William Wood Intro Maker Mod APK ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I am a small youtube and you know that intro is a very significant thing in every youtube video so I was also looking to create a unique and high-quality intro video so that I search on the internet but every site charge lots of money to create an intro video but fortunately, I got familiar with to intro maker app and this app is amazing it has tonnes of intros and even outros in 1080p quality.

Ava Lee Intro Maker Mod APK ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My friend intimates me about this intro marker app because I want an animation clip for my social media video so my friends suggested me to use this app and I install the intro maker mod apk so I found that this is very useful and it has lots of customization feature to modify intros video.

Mia Hassan Intro Maker Mod APK ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I belong to a very middle-class family and I was trying to create intros for my personal uses but I don’t have a laptop or computer so I can’t use any software to create 3D intros but anyhow I got aware of the intro maker app so I use it and this app is very easy to use and I don't need to acknowledge any video editing or graphics designing skill to make 3D intros because app has provided pre-designed 3D intros.


  • Is intro maker mod apk has unlocked all VIP features?

  • The modded version of intro maker app that you can download from our given links is the premium version it means that intro maker mod app has all the VIP features like 1080p intros/outros, no watermark and no ads.
  • What is intro maker vip?

  • You know that intro maker provide us a facility to make intros but intro maker has a special VIP services with which it provide us a lot of additional functionality that you can make in use to create very amazing intros on your phone.
  • How to download and install intro maker mod apk?

  • It is not a bid deal to download intro maker mod apk and it's not burden stuff to do. You just need to click on the download button and install the apk file then you good to go. BUt for in-depth information about installation you can visit here.
  • How to remove "watermark" from intro maker app?

  • Just download the intro maker mod apk from our site [] and that's it. We have remove the watermark/logo from this app.
  • How to remove ads from intro maker?

  • Just download the Intro maker mod from here you will get the ads free Intro Maker app.

Final Words

We have shared all the information about intro maker mod apk and I hope you understood what intro maker app is and how you can download the intro maker VIP unlocked app. As you know that, not everyone can create 3D animated intros from scratch because you need a very powerful computer and very expensive software to create a 3D animated intros so that is why you can download intro maker app because it help to create a unique 3D animated intros in just 5 minutes from your phone.

Thanks for visiting and Bookmark this site for latest updates.🌟

From here you can donwload the latest and stable version of intro maker mod apk so it is fully safe and secure but anyhow if you found any bugs or issue then you can mail us then we will reach to as soon as posible and we will fix that issue.

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